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CoolSculpting® really works! Here’s how…

Meet Joe, an active professional who’s on his way to the top. And meet Jane, she’s got it going on as well. Just like many of us, they exercise regularly and eat healthy.

So what’s the problem? Those stubborn fat cells in the lower abdomen just won’t budge with diet and exercise Fortunately there’s a cool new fat reduction treatment– CoolSculpting®, the fat-freezing procedure designed to kill fat cells. This patented, clinically proven, FDA-cleared nonsurgical fat reduction procedure eliminates body fat without damaging the treated area. Yep, that means treated fat cells with no needles, no knives, no downtime, and no worries. Developed by Harvard scientists and offered only by licensed physicians, innovating CoolSculpting® non-surgically targets those fat cells in your body that give you those stubborn lumps and bumps. And with a single visit, you can expect to see an undeniable fat reduction in just two months. Best of all, you can come in during your lunch break and then head back to work in 1-2 hours as dead fat cells continue to disappear. You’ve got nothing to lose. Well, except of course those unwanted fat cells. Ask your physician for a consultation to see if CoolSculpting® is right for you. Find more information and a center near you at CoolSculpting®, reclaim the real you.

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