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Laser Hair Removal


What is long-term laser hair removal using laser technology?

Conventional techniques of hair removal, such as shaving, plucking, waxing, and electrolysis, are linked to side effects and limited effectiveness. The long-term laser hair removal offered at Heartland Plastic & Hand Surgery Med Spa is the latest method of laser hair removal and has been largely accepted by patients for its safety and long-term effectiveness, as well as its ability to treat a wide range of skin colors. Also known as epilation cosmetic dermatology, long-term laser hair removal uses lasers to eliminate unwelcome facial and body hair by “zapping” the hair follicle to slow or stop growth more successfully.

You can count on the professional skills of Heartland Plastic & Hand Surgery Medical Spa laser hair removal specialists. We have assisted hair removal clients from near and far, including Sikeston and Jackson, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you want to learn more about long-term laser hair removal treatments, please make an appointment with a consultant today.

Is long-term laser hair removal right for me?

There are many reasons why you would want to consider laser hair removal treatments. Here are some examples of why men and women decided this laser procedure was right for them:

  • No more shaving in the shower using shaving cream and razors
  • No more nicks and cuts during conventional hair removal
  • Permanently smooth, hairless skin is your goal
  • Self-conscious about rapidly growing hair on their face, neck, chest, back, bikini line, legs, or other areas of their body
  • Simply want to look more attractive

Heartland Plastic & Hand Surgery’s Medical Spa certified professionals will explain to you why long-term laser hair removal treatments are the best choice for you. They will make sure that they are aware of your reasons and expected results and will proceed accordingly.

Patient Reviews

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“I cannot thank Dr. Humphrey and staff enough for the outstanding service. My results are better than I ever imagined. 10/10 recommend him for any and all cosmetic needs! ❤️”

“God has blessed the work of his [Dr. Humphrey] hands. I am very blessed and pleased with the results. I am equally blessed with the kindness, understanding, and sincere professionalism I not only received from Dr. Humphrey but from his staff as well. A team of phenomenal individuals. Thank you!”

“The staff is always very friendly. Dr. Humphrey was great as a surgeon and made me feel very comfortable the whole time. If I had to have another procedure, I would definitely go back to Heartland Plastic surgery.”


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What can I expect after a long-term laser hair removal treatment?

Some hair removal patients have reported crusting and lightening of the skin, as well as minor tenderness to the touch. Lightening was more prevalent in dark-skinned patients and not noticeable at all in light-skinned patients. These side effects of laser hair removal usually disappear within a couple of days. Almost all of Heartland Plastic & Hand Surgery’s Medical Spa patients returned to their daily activities right away. Heartland Plastic & Hand Surgery Medical Spa consultants will advise you on how to treat your skin after the long-term laser hair removal procedure and will set up a follow-up appointment before you leave. Most patients require a second treatment after about one month. Occasionally, up to six treatments may be necessary to obtain the ultimate result, depending on skin color and hair type.

The long-term laser hair removal treatment is applied by delivering long-pulse laser energy to the hair shaft, which then transfers the energy to the follicle and neighboring tissue. It is the transmission of laser heat from the shaft that will eventually break down the follicle, preventing the hair from re-growing. That is one of the unique features of Heartland Plastic & Hand Surgery’s long-term laser hair removal and sets it apart from other hair removal treatments. Some patients treated using this laser system reported mild discomfort from the laser’s impact but did not discontinue the treatment program because of this.


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How much do long-term laser hair removal treatments cost?

The price varies from patient to patient depending on the areas to be treated. During your consultation appointment, the cost of the procedure as it applies to you will be discussed. Please ask about our special packages designed to make this procedure very affordable.

When you work with Heartland Plastic & Hand Surgery Medical Spa staff, you will be treated with warmth and respect. We will make sure you are well-informed about long-term laser hair removal treatments at our practice so you can make the best decision for you. We pride ourselves on our reputation for providing meticulous, compassionate care.


I want to learn more about laser hair removal. What should I do next?

At Heartland Plastic & Hand Surgery Medical Spa in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, J. Stewart Humphrey, MD is board-certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. He offers plastic and hand surgery to patients across Missouri including Cape Girardeau, Jackson, and Sikeston. Heartland Plastic Surgery is located 50 miles from Carbondale, IL and 58 miles from Marion, IL. If you are serious about hair removal, contact the Heartland Plastic & Hand Surgery Medical Spa to schedule your laser hair removal consultation and get all your questions answered.


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Dr. J. Stewart Humphrey is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The American Board of Plastic Surgery is the gold standard for plastic surgery certification in the United States. Dr. Humphrey…

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