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How to Achieve the Best Results with Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting Elite is an ideal treatment for people who want to reduce stubborn pockets of fat with a non-invasive procedure. How does it work? The treatment freezes fat cells in stubborn areas and destroys them so patients can enjoy a sculpted, slimmer figure that diet and exercise may not have been able to achieve.

A question we often get is “Once you have a CoolSculpting Elite treatment, how do you ensure the best/lasting results?” Let’s take a look at a few ways you can achieve and maintain amazing results with this innovative body sculpting treatment.

Healthy Lifestyle Maintenance

Before you come in for your Coolsculpting Elite treatment, it’s always a good idea to spend several weeks getting your body into a healthy maintenance phase if you haven’t already, this will establish healthy habits that will help you maintain your Coolsculpting results long after your treatment. You can do this by eating a healthy diet with lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits. You can also do this by establishing and maintaining a healthy workout routine.

Coolsculpting is a great way to get rid of those stubborn fat pockets, but it’s not meant to be used as a way to lose weight overall.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Drinking enough water daily is not only good for your health, but it also can make the Coolsculpting process more effective. Water will help your body naturally detoxify before treatment and get rid of the frozen fat cells after your treatment. Properly hydrating will also help your body with its natural healing process.

Be Patient

Coolsculpting works over time. It can take several treatments to eliminate those fatty deposits over a few months. Results typically take two to three months to fully show up.

As your body flushes out the dead fat cells after treatment, you’ll also want to stick to your healthy lifestyle to ensure the most significant results.

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