After bariatric surgery/massive weight loss, what are my options and what area should I start on first?

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Bariatric surgery is certainly becoming more popular each year. We are seeing more and more patients each year in consultation after bariatric surgery as far as surgical options. We usually recommend waiting a minimum of nine months to a year after bariatric surgery when the patient’s weight loss has plateaued before beginning these procedures. At the time of the consultation, we often will discuss multiple areas including the face, chest or breast area, arms, abdomen and thighs. We then ask the patients to prioritize the areas as to which one bothers them the most, second, third, etc. At the time of the consultation we will do a history and physical, concentrate on the areas that are most bothersome to you and explain what options are available for the areas of concern. Depending upon the findings on exam and the overall health of the patient, it may be possible to do one, two or potentially three areas in one surgical setting, but this is a very individualized approach.

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