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When is the prime time to do laser hair removal and laser vein treatment?

Heartland Plastic and Hand Surgery offers laser hair removal procedures to men and women living in Sikeston, Farmington and other nearby communities.

Both laser hair removal and laser vein treatment work best with a very pale skin background, a dark, coarse hair follicle, or a small, bright red, telangiectatic spider vein appearance. The contrast between the structure of unwanted hair or veins and the underlying or base skin is very important to maximize the result of the laser treatment. Usually, several series of hair removal treatments are needed anywhere from one month to two months apart to accurately account for the varying phases of hair growth. Laser hair can remove the hair shaft and hair follicles on various parts of the body, including the upper lip.

Although laser hair removal treatments can be done year-round when light skin patients have a dark tan, the results are less successful, and sometimes treatments have to be postponed if the underlying skin is quite dark. My general recommendations to patients would be to begin laser treatments in the late fall after the pools have closed down and they are back wearing long pants or long-sleeved shirts. Again, a series of treatments for every one to two months is needed. With this time frame, they have often completed their treatment sessions by the time spring comes around. At the time of the consultation we will discuss the number of treatments that are needed, as well as the interval between the treatments with each patient. Regular maintenance will best guarantee permanent hair removal; laser technology has provided one of the most effective hair removal methods.

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