Gynecomastia in Cape Girardeau, MO

Heartland Plastic & Hand Surgery can help men with gynecomastia from Cape Girardeau, Jackson, Sikeston and surrounding areas.

Gynecomastia in Cape Girardeau, MO

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What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a harmless condition that may affect about half of all males at some point in their lives. Gynecomastia is the benign enlargement of male breast tissue, and can range from being hardly noticeable to very pronounced. The commonality of gynecomastia does not make the condition any less uncomfortable for some, which is why we offer male breast reduction procedures at Heartland Plastic & Hand Surgery in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Symptoms may affect one or both breasts. They include:

  • Swollen breast tissue
  • Breast tenderness
  • Increased diameter of areola(s)
  • Asymmetry of breast tissue

The symptoms of gynecomastia sometimes cause alarm, as many of those afflicted first suspect breast cancer. However, the condition is benign, and treatment is purely cosmetic.

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What causes Gynecomastia?

This condition is most commonly caused by hormonal imbalances, namely, that of estrogen. Estrogen is a hormone most prevalent in females and is responsible for regulating many female physiologies, including the growth of breasts. Contrary to popular belief, men also produce estrogen, albeit in small quantities.

Gynecomastia can naturally occur at various stages in life. The most common periods of occurrence are during infancy, adolescence, and after age 50. Newborn males sometimes exhibit gynecomastia as a result of the mother’s own estrogen. The breast tissue usually reduces on its own within a few weeks. Adolescents may suffer from gynecomastia due to hormonal changes and anxiety, but in most cases, the symptoms clear up naturally 6 to 24 months after onset. One-quarter of all men are afflicted with gynecomastia after age 50, also due to hormonal changes.

Up to 25% of gynecomastia cases arise as a side effect of medications. Such cases are referred to as non-physiologic gynecomastia. Medications linked to gynecomastia include some for cancer and prostate enlargement, including heart medications, AIDS medications, ulcer medications, tricyclic antidepressants, antibiotics, anti-anxiety medications, and anabolic steroids. Alcohol and certain recreational drugs can cause gynecomastia as well.

Many medical conditions can also cause gynecomastia. A few of the most common are hyperthyroidism, hypogonadism, malnutrition, kidney and liver failure, tumors, and aging.

How can Heartland Plastic & Hand Surgery treat my Gynecomastia?

We provide male breast reduction procedures, including mastectomies, liposuction, and a combination of the two. Mastectomies involve removing the breast gland tissue, while liposuction removes the breast fat.

What is the cost of Male Breast Reduction?

The price of male breast reduction varies for each patient depending on the extent of surgery needed to achieve your individual aesthetic and personal goals.

Is Financing Available? Will Insurance Cover Any Of My Fees?

This procedure is generally not covored by commercial insurance because it is not seen as medically necessary.

Heartland Plastic & Hand Surgery accepts several types of payment. They are cash, credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express), money orders, cashier checks, and financing with an outside agency. Make sure finance arrangements are made in advance with a financing agency of your choice.

Will I need to stay in the hospital for this procedure?

Most male breast reduction surgeries are outpatient procedures. You should be able to return home the same day, unless the procedure is being covered by insurance, and the provider requires that you stay overnight. Dr. Deisher or Dr. Humphrey will make an assessment of your health and then decide whether the surgery can be performed in the Cape Girardeau office or in a hospital.

How do I prepare for this surgery?

You must plan this surgery to occur at a time when you can take anywhere from two to six weeks off of work for recovery, and when you will not be required to do any heavy lifting. All male breast reduction patients have a 10 to 15 pound lifting limit for at least 10 days after the surgery. Keep in mind that adjustments may need to be made in your daily routine to account for pain, swelling, and being on pain medication.

You will be required to quit smoking for one month before surgery and one month afterward (two months smoke free, in total). You should also eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke through this period. Stop taking blood thinners and vitamin E at least two weeks before and after surgery. You may need to obtain medical clearance and instructions from your normal doctor to stop taking these medications. All of this is to ensure that your body has normal blood supply during surgery and recovery. We also require that you abstain from all herbal supplements and diet pills two weeks before and one week after surgery.

At Heartland Plastic & Hand Surgery, we require that all patients are in good general health before undergoing cosmetic procedures. Because of this, clearance from your normal physician may be necessary before we can proceed.

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What are the first steps I can take to begin this process?

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