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Who is the Best Candidate for Breast Reduction?

Although many women wish to have larger, fuller breasts, others yearn for smaller ones. When your breasts are naturally very large, it can come with a slew of problems that impact your everyday life. A breast reduction might be the most appropriate treatment for you. Let’s take a look at some of the key aspects of the surgery to help you determine if a breast reduction is right for you.

What Is a Breast Reduction?

A breast reduction is exactly as it sounds: it is a type of plastic surgery that women undergo when they wish to make their breasts smaller. There are many reasons why a woman would want to have the procedure, but the biggest reasons are to feel more comfortable and eliminate the pain they experience on a daily basis. If you choose to have a breast reduction, having a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Humphrey perform the procedure is vital.

What Are Common Reasons for Wanting a Breast Reduction?

Different factors can play into whether you want a breast reduction. Having very large, heavy breasts that cause you significant pain or discomfort is one factor. Many women who have excessively large breasts complain of neck, shoulder, and back pain and have difficulty finding clothing that properly fits them.

You may also decide you want breast reduction surgery if you have trouble finding bras in your size. Another common issue is rashes and marks under the breasts and over the shoulder. You may also find that you need to sleep in your bra to achieve any kind of comfort when you go to bed.

All of these issues can make you a good candidate for breast reduction. Discussing your concerns with Dr. Humphrey can determine if this is, indeed, the right move for you.

Is a Breast Reduction Procedure Safe?

It’s important to remember that a breast reduction is still a surgical procedure. As a result, you need to ensure that only a board-certified plastic surgeon performs the surgery. You and your doctor must also discuss aspects like your overall health, any medical conditions and allergies you have, medications you take, and your expectations from the procedure beforehand.

The surgery takes three to five hours. Typically, it’s an outpatient procedure, which means you can go home after your recovery.

Are Breast Reductions Painful?

Typically, you will experience some discomfort for several days after a breast reduction. Over time, as you heal, it should dissipate. and you can take pain medication to help keep most of it at bay. Many patients consider the tradeoff of post-surgery discomfort well worth it, especially compared to the daily pain they felt because of their large breasts.

Breast Reduction Recovery

After your surgery, you will be groggy and feel sore for a few days. The length of your recovery depends on how much breast tissue was removed. On average, it takes around six to eight weeks to fully heal after a breast reduction. You should refrain from heavy lifting throughout this time.

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Are you struggling with back or neck pain due to the size of your breasts? Or are you self-conscious about your body because of your breast size? A breast reduction may be right for you.

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