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How far apart will my breasts be after breast augmentation surgery?

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The distance between the breasts after breast augmentation surgery is not dramatically altered in most cases from the preoperative separation. In most cases, we have to center breast implants under the existing breast tissue. Attempts to place the implants closer to the middle than the middle of the native breast can result in the nipple areolar complexes pointing to the sides, which is aesthetically displeasing. Minor adjustments can be made. Concerns regarding this should be brought up directly during one-on- one consultation. Often when this question is brought up, patients are desiring cleavage in low cut blouses and/or push-up bras. This usually can be accomplished after breast augmentation surgery.  When nude, the intermammary distance, or the distance between the breasts, typically is not dramatically altered. This can usually be seen by reviewing before and after photographs of breast augmentation patients and paying attention to the distance between the breasts before and after surgery.

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