Kybella™ in Cape Girardeau, MO

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Kybella™ in Cape Girardeau, MO

Kybella Before and After Pictures Cape Girardeau, MOWhat is Kybella™?Kybella Before and After Pictures Cape Girardeau, MO

Kybella™ is the first FDA-approved product of its kind created to help eliminate the appearance of a double chin. In general, a double chin often develops because of one of two reasons:

  1. Excess body fat has gathered in the area under the chin to give the appearance of another chin.
  2. Aging. As a result of natural aging, the skin surrounding the chin begins to sag, giving the appearance of having two chins.

How Does Kybella™ Work?

Like many non-surgical cosmetic skin care treatments available today, Kybella™ is an injection that contains a serum of natural ingredients and acids. Deoxycholic acid, one of the active ingredients in Kybella™, works to naturally break apart the submental fat. It is this ability to break apart and metabolize the fat which makes Kybella™ so effective in improving the chin’s profile.

Kybella Before and After Pictures Cape Girardeau, MO

Kybella Before and After Pictures Cape Girardeau, MOWhat is Submental Fullness?

To gain a better understanding of how Kybella™ works to eliminate the dreaded double chin, it is important to know how this submental fat is built up and stored in the body. Many residents of Cape Girardeau and surrounding areas have experienced this fullness in their chin area as they grow older. The older they get, the more prominent their double chin becomes. For other residents, their double chin can be attributed to being overweight. The more body fat a person has overall, the greater chance they have to experience submental fullness.

Other possible causes of having a double chin include one’s genetics, as well as the bone structure of their face. Regardless of one’s dietary choices or how well they take care of their skin, it is still possible to have a double chin because of factors outside of your control.

If You Are Bothered by Submental Fullness, You Are Not Alone

Our experienced team of plastic surgeons understands that having a double chin can cause you to experience a great deal of self-consciousness. Be assured, however, that it is an extremely common issue. In fact, a recently published report suggests that over 60% of Americans express concern about having a double chin.

Common Questions About Kybella™

Is Kybella™ Right for Me?

Many people living in our community who live their lives with submental fullness and are looking to enhance their facial profile want to know if Kybella™ injections are right for them. Plastic surgeons suggest that Kybella™ is great for those people wanting to experience a significant reduction in the appearance of their double chin without the invasiveness of surgery, as well as those people still suffering from a double chin even after having lost a significant amount of weight. 

How Many People Have Been Treated With Kybella™?

Although Kybella™ is relatively new to the market, more than 20 different clinical trials have been performed on its effectiveness with over 1,600 patients participating.

How is Kybella™ Administered?

The typical Kybella™ treatment session takes only 15 to 20 minutes. All that needs to be done is a quick injection of the Kybella™ serum directly into the subcutaneous fat deposits underneath the chin.

The Board Certified plastic surgeons at Heartland Plastic & Hand Surgery Medical Spa specialize in customizing the timeline of your treatment course to better coordinate with your personal goals and schedule. They understand that life is busy and will work with you to ensure that you receive the results you desire when it is most convenient for you. Please arrive early to be seated in a private waiting room where ice packs and numbing cream is available for no additional charge.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

We have found that the average patient requires two to four Kybella™ injections before seeing a change in their chin’s profile. Those persons with especially stubborn fat deposits may require up to six Kybella™ treatments before experiencing results. Injections are given in one-month increments.

Is There Downtime After Kybella™?

Kybella™ is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment program, so there is little to no downtime after each session. Previous Kybella™ patients have reported being able to resume their normal day-to-day activities just minutes after receiving a Kybella™ injection.

Kybella™ Treatment Resulted in High Patient Satisfaction

Seventy-nine percent of the patients who received Kybella™ saw improved contours of their face and chin, as well as improvements in self-confidence, mood, and weight loss.

Important Safety Information about Kybella™

It is important to discuss your medical history with your doctors before beginning treatment for submental fullness with Kybella™. Your treatment may need to be modified if you have undergone cosmetic surgery on your face or chin in the past.

Patients who are pregnant, may become pregnant, breastfeeding, or have trouble swallowing must consult with our doctors before beginning their Kybella™ treatment.

Important Information about Kybella™

You should not receive a Kybella™ injection if you have are experiencing an infection in the treatment area. Additionally, Kybella™ is not designed to reduce fat in other parts of the body, outside of the chin area, and should not be injected anywhere but the submental region.

The Importance of Master Injectors

Unlike other providers, master injectors have extensive training in safety, facial anatomy, the risks and benefits of individual products, and creating a customized treatment plan to help patients reach their goal results. At Heartland Plastic Surgery, our master injectors, J. Stewart Humphrey, MD, and David M. Deisher, MD, are board-certified plastic surgeons with over 35 years of combined experience in the Cape Girardeau area.

As Master Injectors, Dr. Humphrey, and Dr. Deisher are each credentialed to deliver excellent results and ensure a patient’s health and safety when providing dermal fillers or Botox. Master injector training builds on their expertise in plastic surgery, offering patients superior results. Dr. Humphrey and Dr. Deisher understand how to avoid the “frozen” look that improper Botox injections can result in or the “overfilled” look of improper dermal filler injections. Instead, patients enjoy excellent, natural-looking results tailored to their unique facial anatomy and aesthetic preferences.

How Much Does Kybella™ Treatment Cost?

The price for Kybella™ treatment varies from patient to patient. During your consultation appointment at our office in Cape Girardeau, you will receive a detailed breakdown of the cost of the treatment as it applies to you.

David Deisher, MD and J. Stewart Humphrey, MD offer plastic and reconstructive surgery to patients across Missouri including Cape Girardeau, Jackson, Sikeston, Cape Girardeau County, Bollinger County, Perryville, and Dexter. Contact the Heartland Plastic & Hand Surgery Medical Spa today at (888) 515-2847 to schedule your Kybella™ consultation!