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When To Consider Breast Implant Removal

Breast augmentation procedures are very popular, but there may be times when you want to have your implants removed. There are varying reasons for this: you may have a problem with your implants or simply no longer want them. As a result, breast implant removal surgery can be done. It’s important to know what this procedure entails and when you might need it.

When Should You Consider Breast Implant Removal?

Breast implants are not considered a lifetime device. However, we have seen many breast implants exceed a life of 20 years. While older studies suggest implant replacement every 10 to 15 years, our physicians instead believe in evaluating the implants at the request of our patients to assess their condition. If no issue is detected with the implant, we do not recommend replacement at that time.

In many cases, women may opt to have their implants removed if their breasts have changed over time. This might be due to age, pregnancy, or breastfeeding. Some women end up deciding they just no longer want breast implants at all while others may decide they want new ones that are a different size.

What Happens During Breast Implant Removal Surgery?

Breast implant removal surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon, usually at a surgery center. Before the surgery, you can expect a consultation with the surgeon to explain why you want your implants removed and whether you want to replace them. The surgeon will ask you questions about your medical conditions, medications you’re on, and whether you’ve had prior surgeries.

Additionally, the doctor will evaluate you, examine your breasts and take pictures, explain the possible risks or complications of the surgery, and make recommendations based on your goals for having the surgery.

The surgeon will also give you instructions on preparing for the surgery.

Steps During the Procedure

General anesthesia is used for implant removal surgery. You may also be given pain medication and something to combat nausea during and after.

Your skin is cleaned with antibacterial soap before the surgery to prevent infection. The doctor then makes an incision for removing the implant and tissue capsule, which develops naturally over time around the implant.

After the implants are removed, the surgeon will close the incision and place surgical dressings around your chest. In some cases, drains are used to drain fluid. You are then woken up in a postoperative recovery room. You should have someone available to drive you home after your surgery and stay with you until the next morning. 

When you’re ready to leave, you will receive instructions on what you can and cannot do during your recovery. You should contact your surgeon if you have any problems such as pain that doesn’t go away after a few weeks.

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