Tips for Your Successful Breast Augmentation Recovery

Although you might be excited about seeing your results from breast augmentation, it’s important to make sure that your recovery is effective and safe. After all, surgery is only one step in your breast enhancement journey. Afterwards, you’ll need to carefully follow care steps to make sure your body can rest and heal, so here are some important ones to keep in mind.

Make sure you’re sleeping properly

It’s important to sleep on your back during your recovery since this avoids putting any strain on your incisions or implants. The best way to make sure of this is to sleep within a nest of pillows that will prevent you from rolling over. If you naturally sleep on your side or stomach, you may want to try this for a few days in advance of your surgery date so that you can become comfortable with it.

Avoid certain bras

Your new implants should have time and space to settle over the course of your recovery and for a few months after. This means you should avoid underwire or push up bras, since these can irritate or strain your incisions– even though it might be tempting to try out your new cleavage! During your recovery, you should wear your compression bra and any other bras as instructed by your plastic surgeon.

Take care when bathing

During the first few days of recovery, it’s very important to follow the bathing instructions sent home after your surgery.  Although you’ll be able to shower, you’ll need to avoid taking a bath or enjoying a hot tub since these can introduce bacteria to the incisions, causing infection.

Avoid drinking or smoking

Both of these things can be detrimental to your ability to recover after a surgical procedure, so your plastic surgeon will ask you to stop smoking a few weeks in advance of and after your surgery. Immediately before, you should avoid any alcoholic drinks, as this can affect your body in ways that can be dangerous during surgery.

Don’t touch

You’ll most likely be very excited to feel your new breasts, but it’s very important to keep your incisions and surgical site free of any bacteria or harmful substances. Although your plastic surgeon will want to check up on your incisions during a follow-up appointment, you should avoid handling your dressings, drains, or incisions unless given instructions to. Additionally, your breasts will most likely be tender and swollen, so you should avoid causing any extra pain or discomfort!

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Although your breast augmentation recovery may seem daunting, it’s an important step of your overall procedure. As long as you follow instructions and allow yourself time to rest, your recovery will likely be safe and effective. To schedule a consultation or ask questions about what to expect, contact our office by calling or filling out our online form.

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